What Our Editors Are Buying From the Summer Sendoff Sale

What Our Editors Are Buying From the Summer Sendoff Sale

Labor Day is knocking on the door and we’re not mad about it. At Food52, we’re celebrating summer’s final days in style—likely through some combination of backyard grilling, breezy cocktail sipping, and full throttle cannonballing into the pool.

We’ll also be diving head-first into our annual Labor Day sale. With discounts applicable to every product in our Shop, the sitewide sale offers the perfect excuse to revamp your indoor spaces and to extend outdoor entertaining into fall. For some shopping inspiration, we asked our Editors to share the products they plan to add to their homes—or already own—during our Summer Sendoff Event.*

*Now through Labor Day (Sept. 4), use code SAVEBIG to save 20% on purchases of $250 or more, and 25% on purchases of $500 or more, free shipping included.

1. ZWILLING Enfinigy Digital Kitchen Scale, $50

“Whether you’re concocting pickling solution, baking your best sourdough loaf, or brewing note-perfect coffee, an accurate, easy-to-use kitchen scale is a key ingredient when tackling complex culinary journeys. We love this one from ZWILLING because of its sleek design, vibrant screen, and rechargeable battery.” —Paul Hagopian, Editorial Assistant

2. Andrew Pearce Handcrafted Cherry Live-Edge Thick XL Cutting Board, $280

“After months of ownership, I became so infatuated with this handcrafted cutting board from Andrew Pearce that I wrote an entire article outlining its best, most perfect qualities. Here are some of the highlights: It’s big, beautiful, never wobbles, is easy-to-clean, and it’s made by people who care.” —P.H.

3. Dansk Haldan Stoneware Dinnerware, $130

“I’ve been in the market for new dinnerware for months, and I finally found my set. Our community loves the handmade look and feel of Dansk Haldan Stoneware, and the beautiful, gradient blue will stand out on my open shelving.”—Nicole Davis, Managing Editor

4. Bolleke Hanging Outdoor Lamp , $139

“I love the look of outdoor lights but not the reality of running cords from my home to my backyard. These rechargeable, cordless lamps solve that quandary. Plus, everyone who’s purchased one loves how easily they can be hung from just about anywhere. I already have the spot in mind for it, by our grill.”—N.D.

5. GIR 5-Piece Ultimate Kitchen Tool Set, $51

“My kitchen tools—especially my silicone spatulas—are in need of an upgrade. I like that these ones are constructed from one single piece of silicone (rather than being attached to a wood handle, leaving a hard-to-clean seam that can trap grime). Between these five tools, I’ll have most of my kitchen needs covered, and I know they’ll be durable enough to last a long time.” —Anabelle Doliner, Editorial & Production Assistant

6. Caractère French Porcelain Oval Platter, $82

“I got my parents one of these porcelain trays for Christmas (in “Nutmeg,” a subtle, pale yellow), and when I saw it in person, I was surprised by how much I loved its playful color and minimalist design. The black clay along the tray’s rim offers some nice contrast to the otherwise glossy finish, and it makes anything you put on it look professionally plated. It’s also surprisingly durable: It’s safe to use in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher, and it’s thermal shock-resistant.” —A.D.

7. Emile Henry French Ceramic Fruit Storage Bowl, $130+

“I’ve been looking to replace my fruit bowl for a while now—it’s simply too small for the amount of produce my roommate and I accumulate—and this French alternative feels like the obvious choice. The bigger size can comfortably hold the contents of our weekly fruit and vegetable hauls, it comes in seven colors (I have my eye on the Sage), and even has a cork lid to help keep fruit flies away.” —Julia Gómez Kramer, Commerce Editor

8. Food52 Marble Butter Keeper, $60 $30

“Look, I eat a lot of toast. Ever since adding the Balmuda Toaster Oven to my kitchen counter, I can’t resist snacking on perfectly toasted sourdough, rye, brioche—you name it. And obviously, I put butter on said toast. This marble butter holder keeps it fresh, cool, soft, and spreadable (and looks cute on my counter while doing so).” —J.G.K.

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