Under-$10 Pet Staples My Dog Absolutely Loves

Under-$10 Pet Staples My Dog Absolutely Loves

We’ve teamed up with Walmart to help you pamper your pooch. Order online or via their app to shop your go-to pet supplies, groceries, and other household items, then select delivery or in-store pickup for a seamless shopping experience.

Not too long ago, my boyfriend and I brought home the best—and most time-consuming—addition to our apartment: a spunky, cuddly French bulldog named Oswald. Nicknamed Ozzie, this little pup with the biggest personality is both hilariously stubborn and eager-to-please, and in turn, we love to spoil him with all his favorite things, like rawhide-free chews, toys, and baby carrots.

One of the best parts about shopping at Walmart, either online or on the app, is that I can get all of my own essentials (okay, snacks) as well as necessities for Ozzie. Plus, the same treats and over-the-counter items we stock for him tend to be the most affordable there.

Below, I’ve gathered some of Ozzie’s favorite essentials—along with a few of my go-tos— which you and your dog might love, too. Best part: Everything is just $10 or less at Walmart.


For Ozzie: Rawhide-Free Dog Chews

$5 (10 Pieces)

Ozzie has a tough time digesting traditional rawhide treats, but we love to give him something to chew on for long periods at a time (hello, Zoom calls in the middle of the day). These Ol’ Roy rawhide-free dog chews are the perfect thing to keep him busy without having to worry about his stomach. He loves the peanut butter and chicken flavors in particular, and always does a little happy dance when we take them out of the closet for him.

For Me: Great Value Cubed Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese


Since we’re lucky to live in a city with lots of our friends, we never know when someone might drop by. That means stocking our pantry and fridge with easy snacks to put out for guests is essential. I like to keep some of Great Value Cubed Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese on hand, because who doesn’t love a plate of cheese cubes in the afternoon?

For Ozzie: Greenies Dental Dog Treats


Since Ozzie’s food is salmon-based (and so are a lot of his favorite treats), his breath can get… a bit stinky. In addition to regular brushing, we like to give him a Greenie from time to time to keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh.

For Me: Freshness Guaranteed Banana Nut Muffins

$3.98 (4-Count)

I don’t always have the time (or patience!) to make breakfast in the morning; I like to take the dog out and get started with my day right away. Keeping some delicious banana nut muffins in the pantry or freezer prevents me from skipping the all-important first meal of the day. And with the Walmart app, they’re super easy to order and deliver right to my door—saving me even more time.

For Ozzie: Mallard Duck Toy


The first toy we ever got Ozzie was a duck, so mallard toys like this are particularly sentimental. The small size is perfect for him (since he’s about 21 pounds), and if we’re not playing fetch or tug of war, he loves to occupy himself by trying to get to the squeaker inside.

For Me: Organic Applesauce Pouches

$2.46 (4-Count)

Something I rarely leave home without? An applesauce pouch or two. Seriously, I probably have one in each purse or bag I own right now, because I like to be prepared. They’re the quickest, tastiest snack for a mid-afternoon walk home from the dog park, since my lunch schedule now largely revolves around Ozzie. The strawberry and cinnamon flavors are just as delicious, too.

For Everyone: Baby Carrots


Baby carrots are a snack we love to keep around for ourselves, and it just so happens they’re one of Ozzie’s favorite treats, too. We always have a bag of Marketside organic petite carrots in the fridge for pre-lunch snacks, treats for Ozzie when he’s being a good boy, and for an easy roasted dinner side when we need it.

For the House: Fabric Refresher & Pet Odor Eliminator


Having a pet of any kind means making peace with their particular smells, be it a cat with a litter box or a dog who’s been out in the rain. Ozzie is welcome up on the couch and bed with us, but his post-dog park smells are…not. This spray is the perfect thing for refreshing the couch cushions, bed linens, and even Ozzie’s bed between washes, without leaving behind an overwhelming scent.

What are your go-to pet staples? Tell us in the comments!

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