This Portable Sun Cover Is Perfect For Beach Days (& Park Picnics, Too)

This Portable Sun Cover Is Perfect For Beach Days (& Park Picnics, Too)

If you’re lucky, your summer months are filled with days basking in the sun at the nearest beach (or lake, if you prefer freshwater swimming). You spend countless days from late May through early September lathering on sunscreen, making the perfect playlist, and figuring out the best way to play the game of Tetris required when packing your cooler and bag. And by the time Labor Day rolls around, you’re secretly ready to stop cleaning sand off of your shoes and out from the bottom of your bag.

The biggest sun-bathing faux pax is forgetting to give yourself the option of hiding from the sun for a little bit. Sure, taking a nap on your beach towel sounds ideal, but the impending sunburn or heat exhaustion surely isn’t. That’s where we can help: This portable pop-up sun tent. It folds up to easily fit in your bag and, once it’s opened, can be held down with stakes or the weight of a cooler or two.

If you’re not near a coast, don’t let that deter you from giving this savvy sun protector a chance. Its ease of use and versatility also make it ideal for sunny days in the park, your backyard, or any outdoor summer spot. One Food52er recommends it after using it for a day on Lake Michigan. “I bought this so [we] could hang out on Lake Michigan without eight coats of sunscreen,” they wrote in a review. “Everyone was raving about how useful it was.” Another community member praised it for being “lightweight, easy to put up, and enough space for a few people to have some partial shade at the beach. Way better than an umbrella and the stripes are so cute!.”

The only catch? Some community members found it a little confusing to fold back up. To help, we’re breaking it down:

First: Fold the tent into a “taco” shape, gripping it in the center of the arches.
Next: Stand the taco shape perpendicular to the ground, grasping the center top of the opening arch.
Then: Push the center of the opening arch down towards the back of the base and fold the circular shapes over each other.
Lastly: Pull the elastic strap over the folded shelter while firmly gripping the pop-up shelter. If you’re more of a visual learner, this instructional YouTube tutorial from Picnic Time should help.

Now, go soak up some sun!

How do you pack your beach bag? Let us know below!

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