This Five Two Apron Is a Bestseller—Here’s Why

This Five Two Apron Is a Bestseller—Here’s Why

By now, most of you are likely familiar with Five Two, our very own home and kitchen product line designed with our community’s needs in mind. Since 2018, we’ve launched everything from cutting boards and dish-drying racks to compostable cleaning cloths. Out of all of these offerings, one of our most beloved to this day is the Five Two Apron: a versatile, sturdy kitchen workhorse to carry you through all of your cooking and baking projects.

So, what makes these aprons so special? In the design phase, we asked community members to share everything they wished their humble aprons could do—and after receiving responses from 32,000 of you (!), we landed on a few key improvements.

First up, we added built-in, cotton terry-lined pot holders, located on the bottom-front corners of the apron. Practically speaking, that means you can seamlessly grab hot pans and steamy lids on the stovetop, all without needing to track down a potholder or two.

Photo by Rocky Luten

The potholders aren’t this apron’s only thoughtful design details. We included a large pocket at each hip (one of which features a handy conversion chart, just in case!), plus a chest pocket that’s the perfect shape for pens, thermometers, and other vertical tools. Extra-long waist ties make it easy to loop and tie the apron in the front, if you prefer, while an adjustable neck strap ensures a comfy fit. Best of all? The midweight cotton twill fabric absorbs spills and stains, rather than letting them soak through to your clothing underneath (that is, after all, the point of any good apron).

The Five Two Apron is available in two sizes (Regular and Short), both of which happen to be on sale right now. Snag one for yourself—and don’t forget to grab one for your sous chef-in-training, too.

What’s your favorite feature of the Five Two Apron? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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