This Best-Selling Essential Saucepan Is Over 20% Off

This Best-Selling Essential Saucepan Is Over 20% Off

Any home cook knows the tools and cookware in their kitchen can either be their best friend or their greatest enemy. A dull knife will turn your kitchen into a hazard zone (and the tomato you’re trying to thinly slice into mush), a no-longer-nonstick pan will ruin the pancake you’re trying to flip, and the wrong set of tongs will send your freshly grilled salmon tumbling to the ground.

Our Five Two line is all about avoiding the disappointment and frustration associated with a bad pot, pan, tool, or kitchen gadget. Every piece in the collection is designed with our community in mind and aims to fill the gaps in our kitchens. Over the years, we’ve taken polls and talked with community members to design items that do just that. One gap that was looking to be filled a couple of years ago? The perfect saucepan.

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The Five Two Essential Saucepan is our answer to that. In 2020, we released the 2.75-quart saucepan we hoped you’d never want to put down. Three years later, it’s still one of the highest-rated (holds an average 4.6-star rating and nearly 100 reviews) and best-selling products in our Shop. Even better? It’s on sale right now for just over 20 percent off.

The saucepan arrived in our Shop and quickly took our community by storm. If you’ve never cooked with it, we’ll break down what makes this small—but mighty—saucepan so great. First, it’s made from ultra-sturdy stainless steel and has a highly conductive aluminum core that heats up evenly. (That’s right, that means no hot spots or uneven cooking patches.) Next, there’s a handy measuring guide on the inside of each pan to clearly mark capacity and help with rough measurements, plus a tightly fitted lid made from tempered glass. Additionally, each handle has a v-shaped pocket at the base, which protects your hand from excessive heat or steam by allowing air to circulate.

Overall, it’s a sleek and highly functional saucepan that can be used to heat up soups, melt chocolate, boil eggs, cook quinoa, or stir some oatmeal. It’s the kitchen sidekick that’ll always have your back.

Want to hear more? Here are some community thoughts on our favorite pan:

“I love everything about this saucepan from the ease of use to the ease of cleaning. It has replaced my old and worn saucepan.” —Elizabeth J., Community Member

“I use this all the time to make my oatmeal, flavored coffee creamer, or whenever I need a small pot. It looks great and cleans up beautifully. I like it so much that I just ordered their sauté pan.” —Ellen G., Community Member

“I have lots of great cookware but needed to replace an old Farberware small pot which I used for years and was just the perfect size for so many things. My new [Five Two] saucepan is so much better. Right size, heavier gauge, love the lid. I’m so glad I finally found the perfect replacement.” —Fran, Community Member

“This is the best saucepan I’ve ever had. The lid design is genius.” —Michael J., Community Member

What’s your go-to saucepan? Let us know below!

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