These On-Sale Dryer Balls Can Cut Your Drying Time in Half

These On-Sale Dryer Balls Can Cut Your Drying Time in Half

For those who rely on disposable dryer sheets to reduce the static cling when tumbling clothes, dryer balls might feel like an unnecessary accessory to add to your laundry routine. The truth of the matter? These small, hard-working wool balls should replace those tired dryer sheets altogether.

When you throw a dryer sheet in with your clothes post-wash, it removes static cling from your drying clothes and provides an additional hint of a fresh, detergent-like scent. While both of those things are ideal (who doesn’t love fresh-smelling, lint-free laundry?), over time, the sheets can create a residue buildup in your machine’s lint catcher, which can increase your risk of a dryer fire. This residue comes from the chemicals and compounds that are often present in dryer sheets—the same additives that bring a fresh scent, softened texture, and cling-free clothes.

Wool dryer balls bring the same benefits as traditional dryer sheets, but have a few additional pros: they can reduce drying time, are reusable, and don’t have any of those artificial substances that can create that aforementioned residue. Additionally, they’re naturally fragrance-free (a win for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies), but can easily absorb your scent of choice via essential oil.

If you’ve been wanting to try adding these to your laundry routine (or are already a fan and need to restock), our best-selling wool dryer balls from the Five Two line are now on sale. Available in grayscale neutrals or bright springtime hues, these balls are made from 100 percent New Zealand wool, are 3.5 inches in diameter (the average size of a naval orange), and are fair-trade certified.

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