The Ceramic Pizza Stone That Does *So* Much More Than Make Pizza

The Ceramic Pizza Stone That Does *So* Much More Than Make Pizza

If you love making pizza at home, odds are that you probably have a pizza stone. The beloved kitchen tool helps you get that perfectly crispy, restaurant-quality crust in your standard oven or on the grill. If you’re wondering how, it’s simple: Pizza stones are typically made from ceramic that can withhold nearly 1000°F, allowing for an evenly distributed, super-high heat that’s essential to getting that coveted crunch.

However, a classic ceramic pizza stone can actually do so much more than cook your favorite at-home pie. Use it to cook salmon, make pillowy flatbreads, roast vegetables, bake cookies, or even use it as a serving platter for cheese and charcuterie—chill it in the fridge ahead of time and it’ll stay cold for ages. Simply put: The versatility of a pizza stone extends far past dough.

Our go-to pizza stone comes from none other than Emile Henry. Made from French ceramic, it can withstand up to 930°F and can be used in your oven, under the broiler, or on the grill. It’s available in a square, circular, or rectangular shape and comes in three colors (Burgundy, Charcoal, and an exclusive-to-us Blue), so you can choose the right high-heat surface for your cooking needs (and aesthetic), too.

A community favorite, it’s already got plenty of rave reviews, with one Food52er calling it a “game changer for making pizza at home” and another remarking on the ease with which it “bakes salmon and roasts vegetables beautifully.” No matter what you’re making, this stone’s got you covered.

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