The 5 Best Recipes I Made Last Month

The 5 Best Recipes I Made Last Month


Currently, I spend nearly all of my waking hours reading, organizing, editing, and writing about recipes. These food and drink manuals have somehow snuck into every facet of my working life—and I love it. Every month, I try to make as many of our recipes as I can. These were the five best I made in May.

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1. Bell-less, Whistle-less, Damn Good French Toast

This required just four ingredients (challah bread, eggs, heavy cream, and butter), took maybe five minutes to put together, and tasted, well, good. As the name suggests, it’s not particularly unique (no bells) nor overly creative (sans whistles), but I rarely want that on Saturday morning. Instead, I want delicious and to-the-point French toast I can make well even if I can only access seven of my brain cells.

2. Herby Pasta Salad With Potatoes & Green Beans

On its own, this was a bright, savory, and substantial pasta salad. But the real beauty of this recipe lies in its meal prep potential: It’s best cold, maintains its crispness for several days, and pairs well with just about any protein. I ate it for three days straight, serving it with salmon on Sunday, followed by chicken thighs on Monday and Tuesday. I’d still be eating it if there was any left.

3. Ham Sandwich Butter

This is my recipe, and here’s the backstory, as told by me: “If ham, pickles, and chips remain delicious when buried in a cooler, then they’re going to taste spectacular folded into a high-quality butter, spread onto crusty bread.”

4. Cold Brew Negroni

This cold brew negroni was as fun as it sounds. Good whenever, but best way-too-early on a Saturday, you should enjoy it in the exact manner that I did—alongside an entire loaf of that French toast from earlier.

5. Gin Martini

To properly enjoy this recipe, I recommend the following. First, order oysters online. Second, invite your friends over. Third, make a batch of gin martinis (the combination of gin and dry vermouth is the perfect crisp, bold partner for your oysters). Fourth, order your favorite pizza. Five, make more martinis. Six, dance. Repeat steps one through six every few months for a happy life.

Which of these recipes will you be making? Let us know in the comments below!

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