Savor the Final Weeks of Summer With These 13 Shop Favorites

Savor the Final Weeks of Summer With These 13 Shop Favorites

August has officially arrived, meaning we’re in that summertime sweet spot of feeling like the season will never end while knowing its days are limited. If you’re anything like us, the winding down of a season is always a little bittersweet. You’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the long days and warm-weather activities, but you’re also secretly planning your holiday dinner menus and home decor.

We don’t want to wish away these last weeks of summer though, so to help, we’ve scoured the online pages of our Shop and pulled together 13 favorites that will help you savor the moment. Whether you’re looking for the perfect blanket for beach days and park picnics or a cake stand that will proudly display Erin Jeanne McDowell’s Peach Cobbler Cake, we’ve got you covered.

1. Outdoor Zip-Up Picnic Blanket Tote, $37

Keep your trips to the park, beach, or campground streamlined with this zip-up blanket tote. It has all of the same qualities of your favorite outdoor blanket—big, comfortable, and easy to clean—without the fuss of fitting it into your bag. When zipped up, this blanket doubles as a tote bag for easy carrying and storage.

2. Blue & White Stripe Picnic Basket, $89

What’s the point of having a picnic without a basket to carry your snacks, sandwiches, and other treats in? This woven basket is the perfect picnic accessory, with a sturdy build, striped lining you can toss in the wash, and a split-lid design to make finding what you’re looking for a breeze.

3. Flower Dessert Plates, Set of 4, $160+

Keep the summer blooms around all year with these botanical-inspired dessert plates. Made by Bordallo Pinheiro—the same people who bring us our cabbageware collection—these dishes are handmade, and hand-painted, by artists in Portugal. Choose a four-piece set of Hollyhock, Daisy, Cosmos, or Dahlia plates, or mix things up with an assorted set.

4. Essential Striped Cotton Napkins, Set of 4, $38

These yarn-dyed cotton napkins scream summer with their bright colors and subtle pattern. Mix and match them for an eclectic look or keep your table streamlined with a monochromatic look—either way you can’t go wrong.

5. Dansk Wood Classics 3-Piece Salad Bowl Set, $120

Our Commerce Editor, Julia Gómez Kramer, recently wrote about how the soundtrack of her summer is the subtle swoosh of her roommate’s salad spinner. If you’re also living in a salad-heavy home in the summer months, you should probably have a serving bowl that does your favorite leafy greens justice. Originally designed by Danish sculptor Jens Quistgaard in the 1960s, this vintage modern set has a timeless look and is crafted from stained acacia wood. To clean, hand-wash each piece and dry immediately.

6. ZWILLING Silicone BBQ Gloves, Set of 2, $31

We’re still very much in grilling season, which means it’s not too late to treat yourself to a new fire-side accessory. These silicone gloves will protect your hands and arms from the open flames as you’re flipping those burgers, hot dogs, and ribs.

7. Wooden Outdoor Tumbling Timbers, $50

Spark some competition among your family and friends with this jumbo-sized version of a classic tabletop game. The set comes with 56 wood blocks that you’ll stack high before taking turns to remove the pieces, one block at a time. The one who causes the tower to tumble loses.

8. M’30 Hammered Copper Wine Bucket, $375

Perfect for outdoor entertaining, this copper bucket is designed to keep your bottles—of wine, water, you name it—cold. Just freeze the bucket or add ice before placing your bottle of choice inside, and you’ll have chilled pours in no time.

9. KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment, $100

One of the best parts of summer is, of course, ice cream. If you’ve never tried making it yourself, now’s the time. Just pull out your trusty KitchenAid Stand Mixer, get yourself this frosty attachment, and you’re good to go. Just put it in the freezer for 24 hours before you start mixing and then attach it to the base of your mixer. It can prepare up to two quarts of homemade gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or sorbet in just under 30 minutes.

10. IVV Italian Retro Gelato Bowls, Set of 2, $65+

Once your frozen dessert is ready to enjoy, you’ll obviously need a bowl to scoop it into. These Italian gelato bowls are full of retro Italian style with their footed design, bright colors, and textured glass. Each one is handcrafted (and mouth-blown) in the heart of Tuscany by master glassmakers—what’s not to love?

11. Dolcevita Outdoor Cake Stand & Dome, $69

Wouldn’t Erin Jeanne McDowell’s Peach Cobbler Cake look stunning on this platter? Not only is it a fantastic pedestal for your summertime bakes, it’s also made from durable bio-based plastic, making it an obvious outdoor essential—no more worrying about sweeping up shattered glass as the kids or pets are running around.

12. Kinto Double-Walled Insulated Travel Tumbler (17oz.), $40

If you’re looking to squeeze in a couple of hikes or bike rides before the seasons change, you’ll want to stay hydrated. This insulated tumbler can keep your favorite drink cold (or hot) for up to six hours and is made from powder-coated stainless steel for an extra layer of durability. The bottle comes in seven candy-like colors and features a handle for easy carrying—or hanging from a backpack strap—too.

13. Rechargeable Hand-Blown Indoor/Outdoor Glass Lantern, $80

Sit outside and watch the fireflies zip around without having to be in total darkness. It’s weather-resistant, rechargeable, and gives off a warm-white LED glow with three dimmable settings. Plus, with handblown glass and brushed brass accents, it can easy go from living on your back porch to in your living room.

How are you celebrating the final weeks of summer? Let us know below!

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