Our 16 Favorite Summer Cocktail & Bar Essentials

Our 16 Favorite Summer Cocktail & Bar Essentials

Here at Food52, we’ve been getting into the summer spirit with fresh Shop arrivals perfect for the season, so many grilled recipes, and, most recently, the launch of our newest cocktail Resident Harper Fendler’s video series, Cocktail Class.

As we plant our feet firmly into summer cocktail season, you might be wondering how you should have your home bar set up—mulling over the tools you need, the drink recipes to master, and the best glasses to serve those drinks in. Keep reading for 16 bar tools, accessories, and glasses to consider adding to your collection this summer. Whether you’re looking for the perfect drink pitcher, want to try making one of Harper’s cocktails yourself, or have been looking for the perfect hot-pepper syrup for your spicy margarita recipe, we’ve got you covered. Cheers!

1. Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker, $70+

This cocktail shaker really does do it all. It’s vacuum-insulated to keep your drinks ice-cold, has a built-in strainer and an integrated measuring lid, and can hold up to 28 ounces.

2. Everyday Silicone Ice Cube Trays with Lid, $48+

You want your bar to be stocked with plenty of ice and this tray can help. Complete with a stainless-steel frame to keep things sturdy and a silicone lid to prevent spills and block freezer odors, it’s available as a set of three or six in five different color variations.

3. Hepburn Mixing Glass With Metal Stirrer, $110

If you prefer your cocktails stirred, you’ll want to have a mixing glass on hand. This one includes the metal stirrer, is made from lead-free crystal, and is even dishwasher-safe.

4. Crafthouse Bar Tool Set, $100

Inspired by the world-champion bartender Charles Joly’s love of combining mixology with aesthetics, this bar set is both efficient and beautiful. It comes with a walnut bar board, bar knife, peeler, and channel knife so you can slice and dice your garnishes with ease (and in style).

5. Wood & Corian Muddler Set, $36+

Muddle anything your cocktail needs—whether it’s herbs, fruits, or sugar cubes—with this sleek muddler set. Just choose between a maple or walnut finish, decide if you want to buy the muddlers alone or as a pair, and you’re ready to shake things up.

6. French Wood Electric Corkscrew, $130

Remove the cork from a wine bottle with the simple press of a button. No, really, it’s that easy.

7. Gris Gris Cocktail Magic Hot Pepper Simple Syrups, $25

If you like to play around with cocktail recipes, or develop your own, keep a bottle of this hot simple syrup on hand. It can be added to any cocktail (or mocktail!) for an extra kick—just be sure to taste as you add to ensure you get the spice level you’re looking for.

8. Wilfred’s Alcohol-Free Bittersweet Aperitif, $32+

Swap out classic liquors for low- or no-ABV spirits like this alcohol-free aperitif. Non-alcoholic summer spritzes, here you come.

9. Kally Sparkling Chardonnay Verjus Alcohol-Free Duo, $79

Keep a couple bottles of this alcohol-free sparkling wine on hand for any guests who don’t drink. The two flavors are Golden Sparkler—featuring a vibrant and complex flavor with notes of jasmine, citrus, and sweet apples—and the Rosé Sparkler, which has a dry and sophisticated flavor with notes of strawberry, green melon, and hibiscus.

10. RumISH Non-Alcoholic Dark Spiced Spirit, $35

Another great no-ABV alternative to liquor, RumISH is a play on the same dark rum you might typically find in a Mai Tai or a Dark and Stormy.

11. Aged & Infused Natural Liquor & Cocktail Infusion Kit, $32+

Try your hand at making your own infused spirits with this kit from Aged & Infused. It comes with everything you need, including two 16-ounce glass jars with a filtering spout and two flavor blends—all you have to do is choose the base spirit to infuse and pour.

12. Shatterproof Tritan Outdoor Wine Glasses, Set of 6, $72

No more anxiously waiting for a guest to accidentally drop a wine glass. These wine glasses, made of ultra-durable, shatterproof Tritan™ Copolyester, are perfect for outdoor, stress-free entertaining.

13. Reserve Outdoor Old-Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4, $28+

Another resilient addition to your outdoor glassware collection is this set of colorful rocks glasses. They’re made from that same ultra-durable, shatterproof Tritan™ Copolyester as the wine glasses above, making them a great addition to any barbecue, cookout, or picnic.

14. Vintage Gin & Tonic Glasses, Set of 4, $90

If you’re a fan of classic silhouettes and traditional design, this Turkish Gin and Tonic glass set is a must-have for your glassware collection. They can hold up to 19.75 ounces of your favorite beverage, are made of lead-free crystal, and are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about the fuss of hand washing.

15. Dolcevita Outdoor Pitcher With Lid, $50

Add a pop of color to your table with this vibrant pitcher from Italian maker Guzzini. Available in five colors, this lidded pitcher is ideal for any frequent host looking for a versatile vessel that can hold anything from infused water to a batch of sangria.

16. Vida Havana Melamine Wine Bucket, $70

Keep your favorite bottles ice-cold with this beautiful (and resilient) melamine wine bucket.

What’s your favorite summer cocktail? Let us know below!

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