Our 13 Essential Grilling Tools, Accessories & Serving Platters

Our 13 Essential Grilling Tools, Accessories & Serving Platters

Memorial Day just passed, meaning countless grills were recently fired up for the first time in months. At-home grill masters across the country dusted off their favorite aprons, grilling fork, and bags of coals (if they love an old-school, charcoal flame) and served up their off-the-grill favorites to celebrate the official start of summer.

Now that we’re in the season of grilled corn, seafood, and barbecues, we figured it’s the perfect time to round up some of our favorite essentials for the grilling season—plus a few recipes to enjoy.

From tools that’ll make prep a breeze and cookware for that perfect sear, to shatterproof plates and multi-purpose serving platters, here are 13 of our grilling greats.

Photo by James Ransom

1. OXO Good Grips Grilling Prep & Carry System, $40

Cut out the typical back-and-forth between the kitchen and grill with this compact prep and carry system. With a cutting board, deep tray, and two trays with lids, you’re able to prep your proteins and vegetables in the kitchen, pack everything up nice and tight, and bring it out to your grill with ease.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

2. BBQ Carving Board, $97+

When you’re carving freshly grilled meats you want a board that’ll collect the juices and oils that naturally pool. This carving board has grooves deep enough to prevent spillage and even has undercut handles for easy carrying. Now you can prep, carve, and serve all on the same board.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

3. OXO Good Grips Nylon Grill Brush, $22

If you’ve ever cleaned cold grill grates you know it can be a headache. This nylon grill brush makes scrubbing off dried bits of charred food, sauces, and oils a little easier—especially with its built-in metal scraper and cushy, comfortable handle. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct scrub: These compostable sponge cloths will get into the small crevices that need a little extra attention.

Photo by Rocky Luten

5. Smithey Cast-Iron Traditional Skillet, $170+

This cast-iron skillet is a versatile piece worthy of any cookware collection. It can easily go from your cooktop stove to an electric or gas oven (it’s great for the grill, too!) and features an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to hold and use as you please.

Photo by Ty Mecham

6. Smithey Cast-Iron 2-in-1 Flat Top Griddle & Skillet, $250+

If you love to multitask in the kitchen then this two-in-one griddle and skillet is right up your alley. It’s available in 10- or 12-inch options and features a naturally nonstick patina. Use the skillet to prep meats, vegetables, or fish and simultaneously grill flatbreads, pancakes, eggs, or even pizza on the griddle.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

7. Staub Enameled Cast-Iron Double-Burner Griddle & Plancha, $400 $200

This double-burner griddle and plancha is perfect for when you’re grilling for a group. Whether you’re making smash burgers, frying eggs, or watching bacon sizzle, this multi-talented cookware has you covered. Plus, it’s on sale for $200 off.

Photo by Rocky Luten

8. Nonstick Mesh Grill Bags, Set of 4, $35+

No more watching vegetables slip through the grill gates. These nonstick mesh baskets allow you to get some char on your favorite meats, fish, fruits, or vegetables without risking losing them to the coals or flames below. They’re dishwasher-safe, feature a snap-button closure, and are easy to flip with a spatula or tongs.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

9. Lamson Premium Walnut Grill Tools, $48+

Speaking of spatulas and tongs, any at-home grill master knows you need a set of tools you can rely on. This set features a riveted steel-and-wood construction that resists heat and corrosion and a long walnut handle to keep you away from the flames. Each piece can be bought individually—choose from a spatula, tongs, fork, or fish spatula—or as a complete three- or four-piece set.

Photo by Ty Mecham

10. Himalayan Salt Plate With Serving Rack, $50

This Himalayan salt plate sits right on the grill to help season while you sear. Bonus: It includes a metal rack for easy counter-to-grill-to-table transport.

Photo by Food52

11. Victoria Rectangular Sizzle Pan & Serving Plate Set, 13.5″, $37

Don’t worry about your freshly seared steak or vegetables getting cold with this cast-iron sizzle pan and roasting plate. The heat-retaining cast iron keeps food hot for longer than a standard serving plate and the textured surface maintains seasoning better than smooth pans—that’s a win, win, if you ask us.

Photo by Ty Mecham

12. Vida Athena Melamine Plates, Set of 4, $52+

When you’re dining outdoors, melamine is your best friend. These durable, beautiful plates have a heavyweight feel that mimics classic ceramic dishes, without the breakability that comes with them.

Photo by Ty Mecham

13. Avignon Pistache Napkins, Set of 6, $89

Few dishes are messier than wings, ribs, or other barbecue favorites. Keep your hand (and face) clean with these pretty green napkins. They’re made from 100 percent cotton, are machine-washable, and feature a light, botanical pattern that sings summer.

What are your must-have grilling tools and accessories? Let us know below!

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