Our 10 Most Popular Recipes in March

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes in March


March passed at what felt like lightning speed, but based on our most popular recipes from the month, our community still managed to cook—and eat—as well as ever. Where February’s roundup highlighted cozy dishes like chicken and dumplings and braised leeks, March was full of recipes primed for spring hosting. Think: picnic-friendly chicken, a garlicky sour cream dip, and carbonara made with in-season asparagus. Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are our most popular recipes in March 2023.

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1. Oven-Fried Soy Sauce & Ginger Chicken Thighs

Soy sauce, ginger, sugar, and a ton of garlic join forces to make a sweet and salty marinade for these any-occasion chicken thighs. According to recipe developer Zola Gregory, they’re equally delicious served hot from the oven, room temperature at a picnic, or straight from the fridge.

2. Meyer Lemon Hand Pies

Inspired by the warming flavors of a hot toddy, these hand pies feature a ginger-spiced Meyer lemon filling. A honey drizzle—spiked with whiskey, bourbon, or dark rum—gives them a sweet finish.

3. Garlic Sour Cream Dip With Crunchy Onions

A whole head of slow-roasted garlic brings a savory edge to creamy, tangy sour cream. Make sure to serve this dip with your favorite chips, veggies, or crackers.

4. Asparagus & Bacon Carbonara

This carbonara gets a seasonal (albeit nontraditional) upgrade with the addition of fresh asparagus. A natural pairing with asparagus, thick-cut bacon replaces the guanciale in this recipe, but feel free to use whichever you have on hand.

5. S’mores Banana Cream Pie

This pie is a mash-up of some of our favorite dessert flavors, featuring elements of banana pudding, s’mores, and a healthy dose of coconut. A gorgeous, torched meringue tops this show-stopping dessert. Need we say more?

6. Dirty Martini Salad Dressing

A classic gin martini serves as the inspiration for this versatile salad dressing. Aside from the requisite olive brine and dash of gin, this dressing uses punchy garlic and Dijon mustard. Serve it over a bed of fresh lettuce or your favorite vegetables.

7. Miso & Banana Upside-Down Cake

This upside-down cake went viral on social media, and with good reason. Salty, savory miso is a perfect foil to the sweet, caramelized banana topping. In addition to the fruit on top, mashed, overripe bananas are added to the batter, ensuring an extra moist and flavorful cake.

8. The Last Sword

This cocktail was the only beverage to break March’s top 10 list, and we’re so glad it did. It’s inspired by The Last Word, a gin cocktail flavored with lime and Chartreuse—and while this version keeps the gin, the other components are substituted for grapefruit juice, Cherry Heering, absinthe, and grapefruit bitters.

9. Creamy Artichoke & Green Chile Soup

The addition of cashew cream makes this vegan soup so velvety, you won’t even notice that it’s dairy-free. A crispy topping of roasted artichokes completes this simple, hearty dish.

10. Mortadella & Dijon Tart

This tart—which layers mortadella, provolone, and a creamy Dijon spread—mimics the joys of a ham and cheese sandwich. Put these toppings on a buttery, flaky, puff pastry crust, and you’ve got an ideal dinner party appetizer.

What’s your favorite recipe from the past month? Share in the comments!

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