Finding niches made easy


Finding niches seems to be a problem for many internet marketers. Countless people have asked me “Where do you get your niches from?” I am sure, after reading this book, you will agree that finding niches is easy, fast, educational and fun! Easy to understand and read, this is a must have book for anyone involved with finding new niches or business ideas. Whether you want to earn a full time living from internet marketing or just want some extra cash, you will learn a lot from the information in this book. Before you can make any money online, you need to find your profitable niche. Like a driver needs a destination, an internet marketer or business person needs a niche, a niche that pays, not just any niche. Choosing the right niche will make the difference between making money or not. Your success in business will totally depend on the choice of your niche. Whether you are looking to write a book, build a website or blog, build an online shop, make an audio or video or create your own products; you can use all 177 ways to find a new niche. Some sources mentioned in this book you’ve probably never heard of and others you probably think: “Duh, why didn’t I think of that!” – Keywords – Long Tail Keywords – Niches – When is a niche a good niche? – When is a niche NOT a good niche? – 6 important steps to find a profitable niche – What niches NOT to pick. – Niches are everywhere – Niches for repeat sales – What skills do you need? – What hats do you need? – What shoes do you need? – You don’t have to be an expert in your niche. – Think like there is no box! – Examples of good niches – Become a master in searching – Keyboard shortcuts – Where to search for niches – 177 places to find new niches Christine Clayfield is a full time internet marketer and has been for many years. She is the author of the best selling book “From Newbie To Millionaire” and “Drop Shipping and eCommerce. What You Need And Where To Get it”. Armed with just passion and drive, she made it her mission to understand all aspects of internet marketing. She has helped countless people to get to grips with making money online. She has lots of niche websites, runs a few drop shipping and ecommerce web sites and she has also self published over 90 books, all in different niches.

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