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How to Land Your Dream Job

Dear Job Seeking Winner,

It’s really true, isn’t it? They say it’s really easy to get a job when you’re already working and don’t need one!

When you are unemployed, however, and trying to live on the meager unemployment checks it can get real scary real fast!

The checks won’t cover a house payment or rent, let alone utilities and minor details like food for your kids! What’s a person supposed to do?

What happened?

Somewhere between the “great depression” and the “information age,” job hunting wasn’t the stressful task it is today. A guy like your Dad or your grandfather worked the same job clear up to retirement.

After putting in his 20, 30 or 40 years his boss would give him a gold watch and a pension for his faithful years of service.

Sadly, that is no longer the case. Every day we see more and more jobs being eroded by more technology or actually re-assigning your position to someone half way across the world!

Instead of planning on putting in your time then enjoying the fruits of your labor, you are lucky if the job lasts more than a year or so before you get the pink slip that tells you that the company is “re-aligning their resources” and your position is being eliminated!

The problem is that this will hit most people when they least expect it and this process repeats itself every single day across the country.

So, what can you do about it?

One of the first things you should do is become “pro-active” instead of “reactive.”

The decision to eliminate your job or lay you off wasn’t made in a day. It’s the result of a process. You just aren’t told about it until it’s too late, leaving you in a bind.

We aren’t saying that you should not be loyal to your employer, just never have all your eggs in one basket. Learn how the job hunting process works today and always have a back up plan in place.

Yes, have a plan in place. That old adage we mentioned in the first sentence is true. . .”it’s really easy to get a job when you’re already working and don’t need one!”

It’s a hunt – know your prey!

Remain on top of the current market trends that affect your company’s industry. Keep your ear to the ground for rumors or innuendo and be ready to go to Plan B at a moments notice.

Grab your copy of The “Land-It-Fast” Job landing course and follow all the instructions. Do this and you can avoid a lengthy period of unemployment!

Actually put yourself in the position of always anticipating a worse case scenario. Do this and you will avoid stress knowing full well that a new job is just a few days away.

That’s the problem with most employment issues. People just wait around for the axe to fall and then they have to become “re-active” because they don’t have a clue where to begin.

When laid off the first place most people go is to the “classified” section of their newspaper. That may be okay but there is so much more that can be done.


The “Land-It-Fast” Job landing course is packed with tested job landing techniques guaranteed to give an edge on your competition. 

Learn the basics with part 1 of the course, or continue through parts 2 – 6 to master the concepts. 

You will learn: 

• How to identify your skill set

• How to hunt for a job

• Prepare a professional resume

• Ace any interview

Negotiate like a pro to get what you want

Understand and leverage job offers

• Accept your offer and establish job security

Finding a job should not create a stressful environment. The “Land-It-Fast” Job landing course will be there to help you if you do lose your job, but better yet, use it to keep yourself in a “pro-active” mode so you can immediately put the principles to work when the axe falls.

The peace of mind is well worth the few bucks to be prepared!

Happy hunting!

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