Help Us Design the Kitchen Clean-Up Products of Your Dreams

Help Us Design the Kitchen Clean-Up Products of Your Dreams

Hi there,

For those of you who may not know, we have a product line called Five Two made up of home essentials that we design and produce with help from all of you, the Food52 Community.

Our first product was this cutting board.

Two of our best sellers were this apron with built-in potholders (an idea that came from two separate Food52 members!) and this over-the-sink drying rack which rolls up when you don’t need it.

We’ve been quiet on the Five Two front over the past year and wanted to let you know that we’re firing up its engines again—and we want your help.

This time, we’re tackling kitchen clean up: that means everything from washing dishes to wiping your counters to storing your leftovers. Our first step is to get your feedback on what you want—and need—us to fix in your kitchen, and we’ll come back with some product ideas and sketches for our community to review.

First up: We want to know what needs improvement and why. We know you’ve got strong opinions on clean-up so we want to hear from you!

  • Can we improve upon the average soap dispenser?
  • Is there a better way to dry dishcloths?
  • What features do you wish your drying racks had? Should they be collapsable? Do you want them to hold your stemware, cutting boards, or knives?
  • What kinds of tools do you need to clean your dishes?
  • How about storage solutions for sponges and cleaning tools?
  • Under-the-sink storage solutions: What do you store under there? How can we help?
  • What materials, sizes, and features do you want to see in your containers for leftovers?
  • Air tight lids—what features matter to you?

Share your thoughts in the article comments below. We’ll be pouring over these in the next week and coming back to you soon with next steps.

Can’t wait to hear what you think—let your opinions fly!

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