Engineering drawings


This book covers the complete syllabus of Engineering Drawing (Graphics) of various technical universities. Any engineer, irrespective of his branch requires the basic knowledge of design and graphics in order to understand the elements of a product and the manufacturing process. It provides a comprehensive and practical overview of engineering graphics through simple and well-explained examples along with an ample number of unsolved problems. The book is fragmented in 17 chapters and contains in depth information on various topics discussed in the respective chapters. Mostly, first angle of projection has been followed while solving problems but in some problems third angle of projection has also been used purposely to explain the concept to the students.

The book is linked with a website which will behave as an online portal for students. This website also contains solutions to all the unsolved problems in the book. Every chapter has a unique uniform resource locator (URL), mentioned under the name of each chapter, which simplifies the search for the students.

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