Home Made Corn-Bread

Corn meal is sometimes combined with wheat flour to make corn bread. Such a combination decreases the cost of bread at times when corn meal is cheap. Bread of this kind is high in food value, because corn meal contains a large proportion of fat, which is more or less lacking in white flour. The following recipe is given for the short process, but it may be used for the long process by merely decreasing the quantity of yeast.

(Sufficient for Two Loaves)

1 yeast cake

2 cups lukewarm liquid (water)

2 tsp. salt

1 Tb. sugar

2 Tb. fat

4-1/2 cups white flour

2 cups corn meal

1 cup white flour (additional for kneading)

Put the yeast to soak in 1/4 cupful of warm water and let it dissolve.

Heat the liquid and cool it to lukewarm, and then add to it the salt,

the sugar, the dissolved yeast, and the melted fat. Make a sponge with

some of the flour and let it rise until it doubles in bulk. Then make a

dough with the corn meal and the remaining flour. Knead the dough, let

it rise again, and form it into loaves. Let these rise in the greased

pans until they double in bulk; then bake about 45 minutes.

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