The Extremely '90s History of the Flavored Latte

If, like me, you occasionally revisit Nora Ephron’s 1998 rom-com classic You’ve Got Mail, you may recall one iconic scene at a Starbucks in New York City’s West Village. Bookstore owner Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), in a masterfully layered pinafore and turtleneck, smiles as she awaits her soon-to-be ‘90s-viral order of a tall, skim, caramel macchiato. She’s recalling an email from Joe Fox, her AOL crush and unwitting rival played by Tom Hanks. “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee,” Fox’s voiceover proclaims. “...So people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or who on earth they are, can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall! Decaf! Cappuccino!” Read More > >

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There Are SO Many KitchenAid Stand Mixers—How Do I Choose?!

When my boyfriend of six years (now fiancé) proposed a little over a year ago, two thoughts kept running through my mind. The first, of course, was how excited I was to spend forever with the love of my life. And the second? That we needed to put a KitchenAid stand mixer on our future wedding registry. I know it sounds silly, but I’ve been pining over it for years. You see, I loved to bake when I was in high school. I would regularly give my friends cookie cakes and other sweet treats—so much so I garnered a reputation for being our group’s resident baker. But when I went to college, I hung up my apron and have been looking to get back into baking ever since. (I know, even I’m surprised that I didn’t succumb to the sourdough trend in March 2020.) With multiple speed ranges, a planetary rotation that hits every part of the mixing bowl, and a bunch of fun colors to choose from, KitchenAid’s stand mixer is sure to be the golden ticket to my confectionary future. Not only will it take some elbow grease out of the recipes I know and love—here’s looking at my precious cookie cakes—but it’ll also give me the confidence to try new ones, too. Of course, KitchenAid’s stand mixers aren't a one-type-fits-all situation, so which model is the best? To get to the bottom of it, I asked five professional bakers about their favorite KitchenAid stand mixer. Though each model has small nuances, their advice will hopefully help point you in the right direction. Read More > >

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What to Do After Extreme Heat Wrecks Your Garden

A few summers ago, not a single one of my pole beans bloomed, which is odd because they are one of the most dependable, fuss-free things to grow. I later realized that it was simply too hot. Temperatures above 90°F slow down plant growth, and temperatures above 104°F put plants under serious heat stress. A plant under stress does not waste energy blooming—it’s in survival mode. Once the heat wave was over, the flowers on my beans appeared. Heat waves are tough even for heat-tolerant and sun-loving plants such as tomatoes and watermelons, so it’s only natural when a garden takes a beating from record-high temperatures—even if you watered it properly during the heat wave. Read More > >

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How to Build Your Perfect Paloma

We’ve teamed up with Patrón Tequila for a step-by-step guide to building your perfect paloma—and it all starts with their high-quality, handcrafted tequila. From amber Reposado to crystal-clear Silver, Patrón’s tequilas are the flavorful foundation for a summery sip. The paloma is one of those perfect cocktails. It’s floral but not too sweet, packs a punch but isn’t too strong, and is simple enough to make at home without having an especially robust home cocktail setup. Start with the basic building blocks of a classic paloma—grapefruit, lime, tequila—and use it to find a formula that suits your needs. Prepared to make your own simple syrup and juice fresh fruit? You go! Only have agave syrup and grapefruit soda on hand? That’ll do just as well. Use any type of tequila your heart desires, like a lightly floral reposado or a smooth-drinking silver from our friends at Patrón—when it comes to tequila these folks know their stuff. Read More > >

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Why This Veteran Food Editor Is Breaking Into Indie Publishing

There’s nothing casual about making a magazine. I know this because up until a few years ago, I was eating, sleeping, and breathing print media as the editor of not one but two publications, Culture Cheese Magazine (my then-full-time job) and GRLSQUASH, my now-defunct self-funded indie mag side project. Between sticking to strict printer deadlines, managing a seemingly endless sea of freelancers, proofing until you want to cry (and inevitably missing at least a handful of typos), and somehow financing the whole endeavor—selling ads? Crowd-funding? Asking for donations?—print can feel, well, grueling. But it’s also so damn rewarding. Once you’ve fallen in love with print it’s tough to fall out of love, which is probably why Dana Cowin is back in the publishing game, this time bolder (and broader) than ever. After a decades-long career as editor-in-chief of Food & Wine that ended in 2015, Cowin has turned to indie publishing. Speaking Broadly encapsulates her eponymous Heritage Radio Network show within its colorful, inspiring pages featuring the likes of Black Food Folks co-founder Colleen Vincent, writer and cookbook author Reem Kassis, chef Nini Nguyen, and more of the food and beverage world’s finest. Read More > >

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Wayfair’s Best-Sellers Are on Major Sale Right Now

If you’ve ever shopped for furniture online, there’s a 99 percent chance you’ve come across Wayfair. The online retailer has a huge selection of furniture, decor, appliances, and more that accommodate an even wider range of styles and budgets. Looking for a budget-friendly mid-century modern couch? Check Wayfair. How about a splurge-worthy farmhouse dining table? Yep, Wayfair. You get the gist. Wayfair has been a reliable retailer for all things home goods for two decades now, so to celebrate a major milestone, in addition to its major anniversary sale, it’s also discounting 20 of its most popular items—all handpicked and beloved by customers. Read More > >

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Use Your Garden Bounty to Make Green Tomato Crumb Cake

When the pandemic started, I started combing through U.S. newspaper archives from the 1890s to the 1990s for recipes. At first, it was simply a way to pass the time, but I started to notice a recurring theme and dove in deeper. Throughout the 20th century, home cooks, nearly all women, were particularly eager to come up with ways to use up a surplus of fresh or preserved fruit in no-fuss, quick-to-make desserts. They often shared their own recipes or wrote into the newspapers to crowdsource for one that fit their needs. The conversations around these recipes were so lively, they immediately drew me in. Much like these women, my personal kitchen goals have always been to use seasonal produce, reduce food waste, and fulfill my desire to spend as little time baking but as much time possible eating delicious, freshly baked goods. Read More > >

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This Minimalist Ice Box Saved My Icy Beverages—& My Sanity

Despite what seems to be the popular opinion these days, my low-stakes hot take is that pellet ice is terrible. On the other end of the spectrum, the giant two-inch cubes in your whiskey glass are no better. Perhaps the worst version of ice are those stabby crescents that come clanking out of the built-in ice dispenser of your parent's '90s refrigerator and taste distinctly of “freezer." Convinced there was no “worthy” at-home solution for on-demand ice that was worthy of my hard earned money, I resigned myself to using the usual standard plastic ice cube trays that every rental apartment freezer has. After all, they worked well enough. They froze water into a perfectly reasonable size and shape, and stacked nicely without needing too much space in my perpetually packed freezer. They release easily with a quick twist. The downside? I only had a few dozen cubes at any given time. I’d try and squirrel a zip-top bag of them away for future use, but they inevitably got lost somewhere behind three-month-old leftover stew or Parmesan cheese rinds and I’d forget about them. Read More > >

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The Best Non-Alcoholic Spritzes to Buy or Make at Home

No drink so readily evokes the carefree, al fresco everything feeling of summer like the spritz. The traditional Italian cocktail is bitter and bubbly, with just enough sweet and tart flavors for balance, best served over ice in a balloon glass so big it goes past absurd into downright glamorous. Those who don’t want to drink alcohol don’t have to be left out of la dolce vita either, since there are plenty of options available for a zero proof spritz, from the classic Aperol or Campari flavor profile to more unusual combinations of fruits, herbs, spices, and, of course, bitters. To make a spritz, the traditional ratio is two parts bitter aperitif, three parts sparkling white wine, and one part sparkling water, in that order. You want to make sure that the aperitif goes in first in order to preserve the bubbles. A spritz is built in the glass over ice, so you won’t need any fancy barware—you don’t even need to stir it. Read More > >

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14 School Supplies That Parents Swear By

When my editor asked me to write a piece about the school supplies I’d be buying for my son this year, I told her that like many parents, I would be shopping from a hyper-detailed list provided by my kid’s school. But for the rest of the gear, I’m lucky enough that most of our big-ticket items have held up well enough to return to school for another year. That got me thinking about my fellow parent friends and what survived their kids, so I called around to see what they’re holding onto. To my delight, many of these items were the same things my kid still uses. When parents all praise the same thing, you know it must be good. Read More > >

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