9 Highly Caffeinated Gift Ideas for the Nespresso Fan on Your List

9 Highly Caffeinated Gift Ideas for the Nespresso Fan on Your List

We’ve teamed up with Nespresso to brew up some good cheer with a gift guide for all the coffee drinkers on your list. Featuring the sleek VertuoPlus Deluxe Machine and their limited-edition holiday capsules, there’s something here for Nespresso aficionados and newbies alike.

While I occasionally dabble in other caffeinated beverages, and even—gasp—non-caffeinated ones, there’s no doubt about it: I am a coffee person. My morning hasn’t properly started till I’ve had my first cappuccino, or an iced latte in the summer, and my afternoons are made all the more productive with a quick cortado.

Just like everyone takes their coffee differently (whole milk and a dash of sugar for me, please), anyone who makes coffee at home has their own preferred setup—of which Nespresso offers some of the easiest and most consistently delicious. Simply press a button and you have a precision-brewed cup of coffee or espresso, complete with picture-perfect crema. The people I know who own one are devoted users: “I use mine every single day,” a co-worker proudly told me once. And while I don’t have one at home just yet, I love indulging my Nespresso habit every time I stay at a fancy hotel (there’s nothing quite like waking up in a plush robe to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee).

So whether you’re shopping for someone with a Nespresso machine on their holiday wish list or that friend who’s obsessed with their Nespresso and could use a new accessory, here are a few gift ideas to see you through the season.

Photo by Julia Gartland. Prop Stylist: Brooke Deonarine. Food Stylist: Ericka Martins.

1. Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe, $199

Chrome accents and a limited-edition navy blue shade give this high-tech coffee and espresso maker from Nespresso extra style points, while a large and adjustable water tank adds convenience. But as much as we love this machine’s good looks, it’s all about the brew—we’re talking great-tasting coffee and espresso with that signature velvety crema all at the touch of a button.

Photo by Julia Gartland. Prop Stylist: Brooke Deonarine. Food Stylist: Ericka Martins.

2. Terres de Reves Espresso Cups (Set of 4), $56

A perfectly brewed espresso deserves a beautiful vessel to be sipped from—and these glazed stoneware cups by Belgian designer Anita Le Grelle are some of our favorites. Available in three earthy tones, like dark blue and rust, they also happen to be dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Photo by Nespresso

3. Nespresso x Pierre Hermé Holiday Capsule Pack, $91

Crafted in partnership with French pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé, these limited-edition holiday capsules celebrate the flavors of the season. From toasty hazelnut to fruit-forward raspberry, these capsules make a great foundation for speciality beverages and are excellent served alongside a freshly baked treat.

Photo by Julia Gartland. Prop Stylist: Brooke Deonarine. Food Stylist: Ericka Martins.

4. Aeroccino4, $119

Barista-quality foam for cappuccinos, lattes, and more is yours at the touch of a button with the Nespresso Aeroccino4. This dependable milk frother is versatile enough to whip up almost any coffee creation (there are four different preparation options, including cold foam) and features an easy-pour handle for—you guessed it—easy pouring. Even better, it’s dishwasher-safe.

Photo by Williams & Sonoma

5. Hold Everything Coffee Storage Station, $299.95

This compact coffee storage station made from sustainably sourced ash wood and MDF is a simple way to keep all your capsules, espresso spoons, and the like organized in one place. Plus, its wide surface means there’s plenty of room for storing your machine and milk frother on top.

Photo by Diaspora Co.

6. Build Your Own Spice Shelf, Starts at $33.50

A finishing dash of freshly ground spice (hello, cinnamon) takes any cup of coffee or espresso instantly over the top. Some of our favorites come from Diaspora Co., which sources single-origin spices from small, multi-generational family farms across India and Sri Lanka. Perfect for a gift, they offer a build-your-own spice shelf of three, six, or nine jars from a selection of over 30 spices, including Peni Miris Cinnamon, Anamalai Nutmeg, and Baraka Cardamom.

Photo by Nespresso

7. COFFEE HUSK Collection Mugs (Set of 2), $23

Crafted with nature in mind, these mugs give new meaning to the idea of bean to cup. Each mug in this special collection designed by Huskee is made from coffee bean husks that would otherwise go to waste and blended with polypropylene for long-term durability.

Photo by Schoolhouse

8. Everyday Tray, Starts at $18

These vibrant fiberglass trays are sure to brighten up any space, all while protecting the counter or table from heat and spills. Choose from one of three sizes and tons of colors (you could even pick out a variety to make a cute gift set) to outfit a coffee nook or upgrade an existing tray with something a bit more fun.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

9. Jade Brass Bar Cart, $449

If you’re planning to go all out on a gift this year, consider giving this elegant brass cart, that—while technically for storing spirits and cocktail accoutrements—would make an excellent coffee bar. With three levels and space to spare, there’s room for your coffee and espresso machine, a milk frother, capsules of all kinds, an assortment of mugs and espresso cups, coasters, the list goes on.

Our friends at Nespresso elevate every sip with their carefully crafted espresso and coffee capsules, versatile milk frothers, and top-notch machines—like the new VertuoPlus Deluxe. This holiday season, they’ve teamed up with French pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé for a line of limited-edition offerings, including a special selection of seasonal flavors. To transform your coffee routine, check out the full Nespresso lineup here.

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