9 Dinner Party Essentials for the Host With the Most

9 Dinner Party Essentials for the Host With the Most

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There are two types of people in this world: those who love to host and those who prefer to be a guest. If you’re the latter, you might be known for always showing up with flowers, a bottle of wine, or the host’s favorite liquor, and you know exactly when to leave so you don’t overstay your welcome. If you’re the former, you might have a running list of dinner-party menu items you know are always a hit, a dream dinnerware set, no shortage of seating, and a go-to playlist. What can you say? You love to entertain.

If you’re no stranger to hosting, we imagine you’re always keeping an eye out for new additions to your home. It’s almost second nature for you to notice a fun set of vintage glasses, a whimsical vase, or a serving platter that’ll be perfect for everyone’s favorite hors d’oeuvres (sausage-stuffed mushrooms, anyone?).

Whether you’re a long-time host looking to add to your collection, or a newbie wanting help throwing your first soirée, we put together nine dinner-party picks that you just might love.

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1. Rosecliff Heights Luna Round Platter, $96.99 $77.99

If you love a little whimsy, this oyster-shaped platter is right up your alley. Use it in a straightforward way at a dinner where you’re serving freshly shucked oysters, or shake things up by filling the small shell bowls with servings of snacks like nuts, dips, or caviar.

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2. Casafina Modern Classic Ceramic Dinnerware, $74+

If you enjoy a more classic look, lean on this earth-toned ceramic set for your dinnerware design. Buy the complete 12-piece set in your favorite hue, or buy smaller groups in different colors for the opportunity to mix and match different bowl, plates, and blate colors.

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3. Luminarc Arty French Glass Dinnerware, 18-Piece Set, $160

If you’re into the idea of eclectic table designs but prefer bold and bright colors over more muted earth tones, this French dinner set is for you. With a vibrant egg-yolk yellow, vivid bubblegum pink, and soft pastel blush, you can play around with the different plate and bowl combinations until you find the pairing you prefer.

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4. Iannazzi Glass Design Sake Set, $160

Are you the friend who likes to show off (and serve up) their sake collection? This pleated glass set—including one carafe and two matching glasses—by Iannazzi Glass Design will help you do just that.

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5. Roma Italian Glassware, Set of 4, $56+

If cocktail hour is the real star of your dinner parties, stock your cabinets with glasses that will allow them to shine. With coupes, flutes, wine glasses, and tumblers, you’ll be set for any cocktail that’s poured.

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6. Ichendorf Milano Fantasia Fish Pitcher, $85

Any good host knows that any dinner tables needs to have filled plates, flowing drinks, and easy-to-access water. This fishbowl pitcher will keep your guests hydrated and get you a few compliments, too.

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7. Weylyn Candelabra, $160

If you’re all about dimly lit dinners, you probably have a burgeoning collection of taper candles, candle stick holders, and candelabras. This dramatic centerpiece can be your newest addition that’ll allow you to keep that dreaded overhead light off.

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8. Corsi Design Resin Table Mates, Set of 2, $30

If the thought of anyone leaving a glass ring makes you cringe, add these colorful resin coasters to your table. With an array of hues to choose from, they’ll find a home in any dinner design.

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9. Mix-and-Match Chroma Napkins, $125+

Made from reclaimed deadstock fabrics, this 6-piece set of handmade napkins is an easy choice for any host who likes to play around with color palettes or spice up typically boring basics.

How do you design your dinner parties? Let us know in the comments below!

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