8 Picnic-Ready Recipes the Food52 Team Is Cooking This Spring

8 Picnic-Ready Recipes the Food52 Team Is Cooking This Spring


Spring is officially here, and to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and longer days, we asked the Food52 team to share the recipes they can’t wait to make this spring. The results, of course, are varied. Some are drawn to easy, high-impact recipes that pack tons of flavor. Others are seeking involved projects that are ideal for weekends (homemade hotdogs, anyone?). But there’s one common thread between these dishes: They’d all fit in beautifully at your next picnic, whether you’re gathering with friends for a potluck in the park or packing your lunch for a beach day. Without further ado, here are eight recipes we can’t wait to make this spring.

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1. Blueberry Lemon Cake

“Spring means planting in the garden and longer, sunnier days—and nothing tastes as sunny as lemon cake.” —Garrett McDonnell, Digital Designer

2. Bucatini With Ricotta & Sumac

“Nothing beats strolling up to the farmers market on a Saturday and seeing spring produce slowly popping up amid a sea of winter root vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, I love carrots and potatoes just as much as the next person, but I’m itching for something new. It is a known fact that as soon as I see piles of fresh mint and spinach, I will grab as much as possible to make this one-pot pasta recipe. It’s flashy enough to impress friends at an outdoor dinner party but easy enough to prepare it without feeling stressed. Plus, bucatini is a top-tier pasta shape, and sumac makes everything taste better!” —Dominique Evans, Social Content Creator

3. Mortadella & Dijon Tart

“I’m excited to try [this tart] because I recently started eating meat again and discovering the joys of mortadella has been life-changing.” —Madison Trapkin, Assistant Editor

4. Halloumi & Persimmon Salad

“I’m obsessed with halloumi and am determined to incorporate it into my diet more frequently. I also love the idea of using Hondashi—an instant dashi powder—to give salad dressings a savory, salty boost.” —Anabelle Doliner, Editorial & Production Assistant

5. Beef Hot Dogs With Dirty Onions & Whole Grain Mustard

“This spring, I’m excited to drop a few feet of hot dogs onto the grill. While most of those dogs will be store-bought, at some point I want to make my own. When that time comes, I’m using this recipe from Rome.” —Paul Hagopian, Editorial Intern

6. Sheet-Pan Frittata Sandwiches on Ciabatta

“Springtime means the return of picnics, which means I need portable foods and I need them now. This frittata sandwich hits all the portability notes, plus you bake the entire 12 servings of frittata on one sheet pan all at once, so it’s a breeze to assemble.” —Emily Ziemski, Food Editor

7. Corn Cake

“Growing up in the South, cornbread has always been a favorite side of mine to go alongside savory dishes like chili, crawfish, or barbecued meats. Simultaneously, my mom’s Puerto Rican cornbread (sweeter and fluffier, more like a cake) is a top-tier sweet treat or dessert. So when I saw this sweet corn cake recipe, it obviously went to the top of my to-bake list.” —Julia Kramer, Commerce Editor

8. Crispy Potatoes with Garlic Mustard Pesto

“It’s a springy recipe with two things I’ve never tried: steaming then roasting potatoes, and garlic mustard!” —Maurine Hainsworth, Senior Copywriter

What recipe are you excited to make this spring?

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