5 Tips for Hosting the Comfiest Movie Night

5 Tips for Hosting the Comfiest Movie Night

We’ve teamed up with the audio innovators at Sonos to give your family movie nights a makeover. Their collection of smart soundbars—from the compact Ray to their top-selling Arc— allows you to customize your home theater experience, and make the movies come to life.

Occasionally I’ll give my friends a peek at our family’s weekly calendar just to watch them recoil in horror. With three kids, each playing multiple sports, our schedule is best summed up with an exploding head emoji. By the time Friday evening rolls around—before a weekend filled with games and tournaments—we gather up every blanket in the house, create a cocoon stocked with snacks, and settle in for a relaxing family movie night.

We don’t need to worry about great-quality sound, even when we’re taking movie night outside, thanks to Sonos’ collection of soundbars and portable speakers. Our only concern is choosing a movie that is going to equally satisfy our 4-year-old daughter (Sing 2 exclusively, on repeat) and our preteen sons. (It’s our very own Mission Impossible, in the realest sense.) While we haven’t quite mastered the art of picking the perfect movie, I can share a few tips and tricks that always keep my family comfy, cozy, and well-fed while we unwind.

Photo by MJ Kroeger. Prop Stylist: Veronica Olson.

Pick Your Movie Before It’s Go Time

I highly recommend choosing your movie the day before to avoid the drama of last-minute indecision and bickering. I usually take the approach that serves me best for all of my parenting challenges: compromises and bribes. The boys can choose the snacks if they let their sister pick the movie, and if all else fails, I promise an extra dessert to the siblings that are forced to watch Frozen 2 again (and again). Even if you wait until the last minute to choose your movie, you can get your Sonos set up and ready in a cinch—their new soundbar, the Ray, can go from unboxing to listening in minutes with a single cable connection to your TV.

Snacks For Dinner

Skip the elaborate meal and instead arrange your favorite snacks on a non-breakable tray for a kid-proof serving set-up. Try homemade pita bread and crudites with various dips, like shoyu dip, homemade ranch, and five-minute hummus. Or, go for fancy deviled eggs and smoky kale chips. Another favorite: Breakfast for dinner in the form of a portable and simple omelet sandwich. And don’t forget the fun drinks, like this Mango and Basil Fizz Mocktail that’s perfect for both kids and adults, or chill a bottle (or two) of your favorite vino for the grownups in attendance.

Make Your Space Work For You

If you don’t have a dedicated TV room, simply throw a few cushions on the floor of your living room or bedroom and make a fort out of pillows and sheets (like these soft stonewashed linen stunners). For an extra-special feel, drape string lights around the fort for a bit of twinkly magic—it doesn’t have to be fancy to be cozy. No matter the size of your space, the Sonos Ray has you covered; this compact soundbar can fit in enclosed spaces (think: shelves and cubbyholes) without compromising sound, plus it’s compatible with virtually any TV in your home.

Photo by MJ Kroeger. Prop Stylist: Veronica Olson.

Create A Theme

This might not fly for every Friday night, but when you want to make a movie night a lil’ extra memorable, choose a theme. Don’t run out and buy a bunch of themed decor, just lean into your creative side. Sports theme? Choose a classic like Space Jam, The Mighty Ducks, or Bend it Like Beckham, have everyone wear their favorite jersey, serve up homemade stadium-worthy corn dogs, and upgrade a simple cupcake recipe with frosting and a couple extra piped lines to make them look like soccer balls. This doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, just make it fun! And no matter how rowdy the party gets, you’ll still hear every word of the movie because the Ray emphasizes the sound of human voices so you can always follow the story, sports theme and all.

Take Your Movie Night Outside

Early autumn often graces us with the very best weather, and it feels a shame to waste such a precious gift. Take your movie night outside with a projector and a screen (or a large white sheet). The portable [Sonos Move]https://bit.ly/3bdGdf3) allows for high-quality outdoor listening (just make sure you’re close enough to connect to WiFi). Complete the night with a bonfire, hotdogs-on-a-stick, Campfire Potatoes, and s’mores. I’d upgrade to this S’more Semifreddo for the adults for a serious scene-stealing dessert.

What are your favorite movie night snacks? Tell us in the comments!

Our friends at Sonos help listeners feel more with their immersive, easy-to-use speakers. From the Ray, a sleek new soundbar designed for the ultimate home movie viewing experience, to the Roam, a totally portable, outdoor-friendly option made for music on the go—Sonos has a sound solution for every occasion. To transform your listening experience and find the right speaker for your space, check out the full Sonos lineup here.

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