4 Lighting & Hardware Combinations to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Refresh

4 Lighting & Hardware Combinations to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Refresh

This article originally appeared on Schoolhouse, a Portland-based company in the Food52 family of brands.

Lighting and hardware form the visual backbone of a space, often determining what areas are highlighted in the room. A thoughtfully placed pendant or beautiful cabinet pull can single-handedly set the tone even when idle. For a high-traffic area like the kitchen, the goal is to select pieces that will bring life to your home for years to come. With so many styles and types of lighting, picking the perfect pairing for your space can be challenging. Here are four of our favorite no-fail combos for kitchen inspiration—whether you’re doing a full-on renovation or adding a few new flourishes to your space.

But First, Select a Style

Schoolhouse pendants and hardware come with a variety of styles and finish options. While the piece you select will depend mainly on personal preference, different finishes will add different characteristics. As a general rule of thumb, brass or golden finishes add warmth to the room. Chrome, nickel, and black finishes make spaces feel crisp and modern.

1. Mix Beats Match

Factory Lighting + Heritage Hardware

Photo by Courtesy Schoolhouse

We often get asked if all of the finishes in a room need to match perfectly. To that, we answer: absolutely not. Don’t be afraid to pair natural brass cabinet hardware with black pendants, surface mounts, or wall sconces. When it comes to home styling, mixing tones and eras can make a compelling interior statement. In the end, go with your gut — what you select should be a personal decision based on your aesthetic and intuition.

Somerset Knob

Factory 4 Cord Pendant

Somerset Pull

Cylinder Double Sconce

2. Modern Neutral

Donna Collection + Minimal Hardware

Photo by Courtesy Schoolhouse

The modern-meets-minimal aesthetic has become increasingly popular over the last decade. And there’s a good reason for it: The simplicity of this style can’t be beat. We love how the black Donna Pendants and Edgecliff Pulls contrast the crisp white walls of the kitchen above.

Donna 17″ Pendant

Edgecliff Pull

Riverwood Knob

Norfolk Sconce 2.25″

3. Traditional Reimagined

Princeton Collection + Brass Hardware

Photo by Schoolhouse

There’s a reason why heritage lighting and hardware remain classics. While we’ve been seeing kitchens with warm wood and natural brass finish pairings, we’ve recently been loving the way brass details pair with color. The blue cabinets in the kitchen above work well with the modern silhouette of the pulls while tying in the different metal finishes throughout the space.

Princeton Mid Sconce 2.25″

Mid Century Knob

Greenwood Pull

Cylinder 2.25″

4. Mid-Century Mood

Alabax Lighting + Retro-Inspired Hardware

Photo by Schoolhouse

For a playful touch, opt for lighting and hardware pairings with a distinct mid-century modern feel. The kitchen above mixes modern touches (like the clean, white cabinets and counter tops) with retro-inspired details. We also love the creative use of color—the pop of Juniper green from the Alabax Surface Mount adds an unexpected touch while still feeling timeless.

Alabax Large Surface Mount

Parker Pull

While we hope this guide laid some helpful groundwork, we encourage you to experiment to see what works best for you. At the end of the day, your home is your place to play (and some of the most interesting spaces break all the design “rules”), so keep in mind that if you love the end result, it’s a success.

Photo by Schoolhouse

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