20 of Our Favorite Kitchen & Home Essentials Are On Sale For Up to 70% Off

20 of Our Favorite Kitchen & Home Essentials Are On Sale For Up to 70% Off

Summer is in full swing and with that comes seasonal shifts. At-home bakers are adding blackberries, cherries, and peaches to their go-to cobbler, pie, and crumble recipes. The friend who’s always hosting is brushing the dust off of their outdoor lights and shatterproof drinkware. Now with their kids home from school, parents are looking for different ways to keep them entertained and having fun until the fall.

Here at Food52, we’re embracing the seasonal shift with a Summer Refresh Sale. That means all of our sale items are up to 70 percent off for a limited time. Now’s the perfect time to stock up on all the kitchen, home, and outdoor essentials you might need this summer.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading for 20 of our Summer Refresh Sale favorites.

1. Staub Enameled Cast-Iron Double-Burner Griddle & Plancha, $400 $200

Not sure what a plancha is or how to use it? Check out our how-to guide here.

2. Five Two Essential Kitchen Knives, 39+ $25+

Every at-home chef is only as good as their knife is sharp. Replace that dull knife your sharpener can’t bring back to life with one of our Five Two Essential Kitchen Knives. Available in four colors as an 8-inch Chef’s Knife, 9-inch Serrated Knife, or 3.5-inch Paring Knife.

3. Mepal Microwave Nested Storage Boxes, $65+ $52+

Up your meal prep, picnic, or on-the-go lunch game with these nested storage boxes. BPA-free, airtight, leakproof, aroma-proof, and they stack up seamlessly—does it get any better? Available as a set of three in two sizes (Shallow and Deep) and seven colors.

4. Demeyere Resto Stainless-Steel Tea Kettle, $100+ $60+

This showstopping kettle is made of sturdy stainless steel, has an extra-wide lid to make adding ingredients easy, and is induction-friendly. It’ll boil water for tea or make mulled wine like a pro.

5. Five Two Essential Kitchen Towels, $35+ $20+

Cut down on your need for paper towels by ensuring you have enough reusable kitchen towels on-hand for cleaning up any messes. These versatile beauties—one made with a flour-sack design, the other as an ultra-absorbent utility towel—are good for more than just wiping crumbs and spills, though. Use one of these Essential Kitchen Towels as a trivet, bowl stabilizer, last-second oven mitt, or glass-drying cloth, too. Available in an assortment of combinations and eight colors.

6. Luminarc Arty French Glass Dinnerware, 18-Piece Set,$149 $119

Add a pop of color to your table with this French glass dinnerware set. Pre-curated in a mixed-and-matched color palette, all you need to do is decide if you want a warm- or cool-toned collection.

7. Dansk Wood Classics 3-Piece Salad Bowl Set, 120 $100

Serve up your summer salads in style with this three-piece salad bowl set from Danish cookware brand, Dansk. Lovingly crafted from stained acacia wood, it’ll look stunning on any table.

8. Food52 Marble Cake Stand, $55 $35

Display your latest baking feat on this sleek (and chic) Marble Cake Stand. Made from marble, this pedestal will keep your freshly baked and iced treats cool, meaning no melted icing, frosting, or ganache.

9. Five Two Everyday Soft Cotton Table Runner, $45 $25+

If you believe a table isn’t complete without its linens, this runner is for you. Made from 100 percent cotton and available in five colors, it’s soft, machine-washable, and will help pull your table design together.

10. Sabre Jonc Wood Handle Flatware, $117+ $90+

Inspired by paintbrushes, these wood-handled flatware pieces are unique and design-forward. Unlike many wood-crafted kitchen pieces, they’re also dishwasher-safe. Each utensil is made of 18/10 stainless steel and has a wood-composite handle that can zip through a wash cycle with ease—just be sure to use a low-temp setting. Available as a five- or 20-piece set and in dark or light wood.

11. Schott Zwiesel Complete Bar Cocktail Glasses, 12-Piece Set, $140 $99

Every cocktail calls for a specific glass. Sure, you can technically drink a Manhattan or a Minty Orange Gimlet out of anything, but this 12-piece cocktail set will make sure you have the ideal glass on hand for the drink you’re sipping.

12. Handblown Fiordaliso Textured Colored Goblets (Set of 2), $88 $75

If you love colored and textured glassware, these Italian goblets are a must for your collection. Handmade in Italy from soda lime glass, the texture of these beautiful vessels resembles the cornflower plant (the English translation of “Fiordaliso”), are available in four colors, and are dishwasher-safe.

13. Aarke Carbonator III, $259 $209+

Stop buying bottled soda water for your spritzes, Americano, or classic vodka soda. This sparkling water maker is the perfect at-home bar accessory that’ll wow guests (and cut down on the plastic-bottle-pileup that can happen after a night of hosting).

14. Frieling Citrus Press, $220+ $180+

Easily squeeze fresh lemon, lime, and orange juice for your favorite cocktails with the help of this citrus press. Simply pop a glass in beneath the juicer, place a citrus half on the raised cone, press the handle down, and watch the fresh juice flow.

15. Dansk Købenstyle Wrapped Handle Water Pitcher, 95+ $90

Keep your guests hydrated by keeping this bright water pitcher nearby. Whether you’re filling it with water, a non-alcoholic punch, or a batched version of your favorite cocktail, this pitcher will look fantastic on your bar or table.

16. Vintage-Inspired Persian Vinyl Kitchen Mats & Runners, $63+ $19+

Say goodbye to carpet stains in the kitchen with these vinyl mats and runners. Inspired by vintage Persian rug designs, these easy-to-clean, cushioned mats are ideal additions to any home’s kitchen bathroom, or laundry room.

17. Winter + Summer Cotton Coverlet, $179+ $130+

This heirloom-quality coverlet is inspired by a treasured vintage weaving from the early nineteenth century. It’s crafted from yarn-dyed cotton and features a traditional float weaving technique that creates its graphic color contrast and geometric patterning. Perfect for layering, it’s versatile enough to stand alone as a lightweight, warm-weather blanket or work as a layer of a winter bedding setup.

18. Modern Metal Floor Baskets, $130+ $91+

Keep extra pillows, blankets, magazines, or other miscellaneous goods organized with these metal baskets. They’re available in two sizes (Small or Medium), two colors (Black or Light Grey), and have an open, minimal design that shows off whatever’s inside.

19. Lemnos Wood Table & Wall Clock, $199 $140

Keep an eye on the clock with this handcrafted Wood Table & Wall Clock. It’s small enough to easily fit on almost any surface and can rest on its stand or be hung on the wall.

20. INU Terry Towel Collection, $22+ $15+

Turn your bathroom into a spa with these super-soft, ultra-absorbent terry cloth hand and bath towels. Available in Soft Grey and Taupe, they’re neutral enough to fit in with any bathroom decor, too.

Are you shopping the Summer Refresh Sale? Let us know what you’re eyeing below!

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