20 Baking Tools for the Perfect Summer Pies & Cobblers

20 Baking Tools for the Perfect Summer Pies & Cobblers

We talk a lot about summer cooking here at Food52. Once the temperatures get high enough to warrant regular backyard dining, we can’t help but focus on summer salads, grill-friendly recipes, and cocktails you’ll want to sip on under the sun. However, we can’t ignore summertime baking staples, either.

In the same way we think of juicy heirloom tomatoes and bubbly spritzes from June through Labor Day, we also think of our favorite warm-weather cakes, pies, and cobblers. Peach, key lime, coconut, strawberry and rhubarb…the list truly could go on, and on, and on, but we’ll try our best to spare you an endless scroll. Instead, we’ll keep things nice and simple: Here are 20 baking tools and accessories to help you make the perfect summer dessert, whatever that might be (plus a couple of our favorite recipes, too).

1. Mosser 3-Piece Colored Glass Mixing Bowl Set, $86+

Organization is key to keeping kitchen prep easy, and this three-piece mixing bowl set can help. Not only is it pretty enough that you’ll want to display the bowls on your counter or shelves, they also seamlessly fit within each other, making storage simple and streamlined. The set includes three bowls (one large, one medium, and one small) and is available in six colors (Pink, Purple, Grey Swirl, Milk, Jadeite, and an exclusive-to-Food52 Chelsea Blue).

2. Heavyweight Stainless-Steel Oval Measuring Spoons, $29

You don’t really want to rely on eyeballing ingredients when it comes to baking. These oval measuring spoons are ideal for any small-scale measuring situation, are made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and have an almost five-star rating from our community.

3. KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, 5QT, $450+

Making meringue, icing, or dough doesn’t have to be an arm workout thanks to this tilt-head stand mixer. It’s available in seven colors, includes three mixing attachments, and holds up to five quarts in its stainless-steel bowl.

4. JK Adams Lovely Baking Rolling Pin Set, $25+

Designed by a pair of professional bakers, this set of rolling pins is intended to help you achieve the perfect roll-out every time. They’re available in three sizes, so you can have the just-right width for the dough you’re working with. Whether you’re making pizza dough, biscuits, or cookies, this set has your back.

5. Five Two Good Measure Pastry Mat, $25

Measuring your pastry dough is easier than ever with this measure mat from our Five Two line. This helpful tool is large enough for your biggest pasta sheets and puff pastry, is made from a (dishwasher-safe) nonstick silicone that’ll protect your countertops, and features diameter guides, a ruled edge, conversion charts, expert pointers, and even a pie crust recipe from our baking Resident Erin Jeanne McDowell.

6. Five Two Essential Silicone Spatula Set, $20

Fold egg whites or mix batter with a silicone spatula that’ll successfully scrape the edges of your bowl. This set includes two spatulas—one big, one small—to help you tackle all of your stirring needs. The small one even has a nook on the side that allows it to easily rest on the edge of a bowl or jar.

7. Five Two Bench Scraper, $15 $13

Former pastry cook Pippa Allen swears this bench scraper is a must-have kitchen essential. “It is the absolute best for transferring things from a bench to a pan, but it’s also a great cleaning tool. I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you’re working with sticky dough,” she said in an all-things-baking edition of Tools of the Trade.

8. Emile Henry Classic French Ceramic Pie Dish, $50

This pie dish is not only beautiful (I mean, come on, you see that scalloped edge), it’s also scratch-resistant and can withstand both extreme heat (up to 520°F) and cold (your freezer).

9. Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Dish With Platter Lid, $125

With a lid that doubles as a platter, this baking dish is ideal for anyone carrying their freshly baked dessert to a picnic or party. It’s available in seven colors, features a nonstick interior, and is safe for the freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, dishwasher, and metal utensils.

10. Ceramic Pie Weights, $39

While you can use alternatives—like dried black-eyed peas or beans—to help your crust keep its form while baking, these ceramic pie weights will help you say goodbye to soggy bottoms and imperfect crusts. Just put a layer of parchment paper between the weights and your crust, spread them evenly, and you’re good to go.

11. Handmade Ceramic Pie Dish, $75

Another beautiful pie dish to consider is this handmade one made exclusively for Food52 by artist Trudy Crane of Looks Like White, a Montreal-based studio. The cherry on top: The outside’s been pressed with lace and left unglazed to create an eye-catching texture.

12. Dansk Købenstyle Baker, $135 $90+

This baking dish is able to evenly cook any recipe you make in it, but especially a fruity cobbler or rich bread pudding your friends will be dying to get a scoop of. It’s available in eight signature colors, too, so you’ll be able to find the piece perfect for your cookware collection.

13. Nordic Ware Aluminum Cake Pan (Set of 2), $28+

If you’re baking cakes you obviously need cake pans. Keep things simple with this set of two aluminum cake pans from Nordic Ware. They’re easy to clean, come in four sizes, won’t rust, and even come with a lifetime warranty.

14. Nordic Ware Stackable Cooling Rack, $34

Don’t accidentally make the mistake of trying to ice a cake or cupcakes that aren’t quite cool enough—you’ll be surrounded by globs of melted icing and cake crumbs. This stackable cooling rack will keep your baked goods safe while they cool off and can go directly into the dishwasher afterward. Win, win!

15. Nordic Ware Cake Lifter, $18

If you’re tackling a multi-layer cake, don’t run the risk of accidentally dropping or breaking one of the layers mid-stack. This cake lifter is the perfect size to reliably transport the most delicate of cake layers to the cake stand it’ll call home.

16. Global Stainless Steel Icing Spatula, $55+

If you’re going to ice a cake, you’ll want the right spatula to help you get an even texture. This one is available in four sizes and two styles—offset (perfect for smoothing batter in a pan or spreading icing around) and straight (the go-to for finishing touches)—so you can find the right one for your baking and decorating needs.

17. Dolcevita Outdoor Cake Stand & Dome, $69

Nothing says summer quite like pops of bright colors, so it’s only natural we associate this vibrant cake stand and dome with the season. Whether you go with the Mother of Pearl (clear) or Turquoise, the translucent design makes it a perfect platform for the dessert you’re wanting to show off at your next dinner party.

18. Tonal Resin Cake Stand, $125

If you prefer a warm-toned alternative, this 12-inch resin cake stand reminds us of a classic creamsicle with its peach and orange hues. A hidden bonus? It’s shatterproof, too. If you want extra protection for your baked goods on display, get one of these shatterproof glass cloches to fit on top.

19. Archie Glass Dinnerware, $32

Every slice or scoop deserves to be held by a beautiful plate. Available in Pink, Clear, and Sage, this textured dinnerware set includes two plate sizes and will be a fantastic backdrop for the dessert you’re enjoying.

20. Mepra Italian Flatware, Fantasia Dessert Spoons, Set of 4, $64

Lastly, you’ll want a spoon nearby to help you get that perfect first bite. These dessert spoons come as a set of four and are available in 13 different colors. You can lean into the monochromatic aesthetic, or switch things up with a mixed-and-matched palette.

Do you have a favorite baking tool? Let us know below!

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