2 Corner Store Cocktails for When You Need a Lil' Convenience

2 Corner Store Cocktails for When You Need a Lil' Convenience

We’ve teamed up with NOLET’S Gin to share a few of the easiest and breeziest summer cocktails. These sips come together with NOLET’S Silver Gin, a floral spirit that’s been crafted with over 330 years of distilling expertise by the Nolet family using real botanicals.

Living in the concrete jungle that is New York may have its perks, but it can be tough to find them in the thick of summer when the sun burns high and long. Walking even a few blocks home from the subway (essentially a mini sauna on hot days) can feel like a trek through the desert. When I can’t bear the heat, I like to pop into the nearest convenience store for a brief moment of relief, where I can cool off in the refrigerated aisles—a welcome oasis.

I also relish the opportunity to peruse the ever-expanding, multi-colored beverage options on hand. It seems there’s always some new drink to sample amidst the tried-and-true favorites. All I need is a few sips of my beverage of choice to survive the rest of the trudge home. Then, while the air-conditioning cools off my heat-addled brain, I like to elevate the rest of my drink by combining it with an equally refreshing spirit like NOLET’S Silver Gin. Its particular botanicals serve as a deeply flavorful base, and makes it so easy to turn my favorite drink into a quick and delicious cocktail.

Convenience Cocktails 101

The easy-to-grab canned or bottled beverages regularly found at convenience stores, bodegas, and grocery stores make for super quick, no-fuss drink mixers. You’re likely already familiar with mixing cola and whiskey, or cranberry juice and vodka, but if you go beyond the basics you’ll find some eye-opening pairings. Love kombucha? Its fizzy tartness offers a stellar starter for a gin cocktail. Looking for something with a sweet ‘n’ sour vibe? Grab your favorite fruit juice and mix with gin, a bit of simple syrup, and top with soda for a sparkling sipper. Here are two cocktail recipes using my go-to convenience store beverages.

Photo by MJ Kroeger. Prop Stylist: Amanda Widis. Food Stylist: Yossy Arefi.

Tangerine Collins

During the winter months, I’m a sucker for tangerines—I can’t get enough of those easy-to-peel and even easier-to-eat fruits. Now that it’s summer, I’ve been finding freshly squeezed tangerine juice at my local grocery store, which is such a fun upgrade from standard OJ. It’s a bit sweeter and actually has a stronger citrus flavor, so it works wonders in this surprisingly complex gin cocktail. This drink’s complexity comes from NOLET’S Silver Gin, which is delicately fruity and super smooth. The tangerine teases out the floral rose notes of the NOLET’S, and topping with a bit of club soda gives this cocktail just the right amount of fizz to make it the quintessential summery sipper.

Can’t find tangerine juice? Try subbing with orange juice, blood orange juice, or any other similar citrus or citrus juice blend of your choice.

Minty Lemon Cooler

Lemonade is the classic summer refresher on a hot day, whether you encounter it at a street-side stand, seek it out at your go-to market, or make your own. When it’s cocktail hour, I like to brighten up my store-bought lemonade with a handful of fresh mint and NOLET’S Silver Gin for a tart yet herbaceous adult version of a childhood fave. The sour pucker of the lemonade is tempered by the gin’s raspberry and peach notes, while the muddled mint brings a smack of freshness. Garnish with a bright yellow lemon wheel and a bushy mint sprig for a touch of greenery.

What corner store staple would you use to mix up an easy NOLET’S Gin cocktail? Tell us in the comments!

Our friends at NOLET’S Gin have been crafting quality spirits for 11 generations. Whether you’re making a fruity Collins or refreshing cooler, NOLET’S Silver Gin is an undeniable modern take on gin that will elevate any cocktail.

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