12 Standout Glasses for Cocktails, Mocktails & More

12 Standout Glasses for Cocktails, Mocktails & More

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Our focus at Food52 has always been on what’s going on your plate, in your oven, or in your glass. We dream up and test countless recipes, discuss different cooking and bartending methods, share tips and tricks, and encourage community collaborations on culinary ventures. It doesn’t end there, though. We’re just as passionate about the kitchen tools you rely on, the plates you use, and the glassware you fill with your favorite sip.

Similar to any chef or home cook plating a meal they just made, anyone who loves to make cocktails at home should have the best glassware on hand to make their drink shine. While some glass choices are self-explanatory (Champagne, well, it goes in a Champagne flute, and wine, understandably, goes best in a wine glass), you might find yourself wondering if there’s a right or wrong vessel for the drink you’re mixing.

In the same way we’d recommend a favorite Dutch oven or everything you might need to bake your favorite chocolate treats, we poured over countless glasses, considered the different cocktails you might be drinking this season, weighed functionality, availability, and design, and compiled a list of some of our favorites. Whether you like your Scotch neat or just want a heatproof glass for sipping spiked cider, you’ll find some of our top choices below. Cheers!

If You Prefer Drinks Neat

When you order a drink neat, it comes straight from the bottle—no ice, no garnish, just the liquor. People who typically order their drinks this way want to savor their spirit of choice. For example, I often order my mezcal neat because I love the smoky flavor of the roasted agave. However, I prefer to have whiskey or Scotch over a large ice cube or with an added drop of water because the water alters the molecular makeup and can change the flavor of the whiskey, which I like.

If you enjoy a nice glass of a neat or straight-up spirit (or a classic cocktail served in a similar glass), these are a couple of our favorite single rocks glasses.

Specifics: Single rocks glasses typically hold between seven and 10 ounces. They’re best fit for neat pours and classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds, Sazeracs, or White Russians.

Photo by Ty Mecham

1. Estelle Hand-Blown Rocks Glasses, $95

Made by the same people who produce some of our best-selling wine glasses, these handblown amber-hued lowballs will add some warmth to your glassware collection.

Photo by Duralex USA

2. Duralex Jazz Tumbler, $34

This vintage-inspired tumbler is a classic choice made from tempered glass, making it 2.5 times more durable than a standard glass. It’s also dishwasher-safe and stackable to help save on cabinet space.

Photo by Ty Mecham

3. Borosil Vision Classic Glass Tumblers, $40

These glass tumblers from Borosil are great options for anyone who wants durable yet lightweight glassware—they’re made from the same glass that’s used in science labs. While they come in four different size options, the short one holds up to seven ounces, which is just what you need for a rocks glass.

If You Like Your Drinks ‘Up’

Martini drinkers have strong opinions on if the cocktail should be shaken or stirred. Whether you’re on James Bond’s side and like it shaken (wrong) or are reasonable and knows it should be stirred (I’m really showing my bias here), the famous cocktail goes down best out of a wide-lipped, tall-stemmed martini glass or coupe.

Aside from the aforementioned dirty or twisted cocktail, both martini and coupe glasses are ideal vessels for many other favorite drinks. Trade the gin or vodka martini for a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, gimlet, or daiquiri, to name only a few potential swaps. If these cocktails are your go-to, here are a couple of our favorite martini glasses and coupes.

Specifics: These glasses are typically tall-stemmed, have wide curved or open mouths, and are the default for any drink served “up“ (aka: one that is shaken, stirred, or combined with ice but served without).

Photo by Ty Mecham

4. Fortessa Pure Martini 11.6 Ounce Glass Set, $95

Sleek, simple, and perfectly angled to make sipping easy, this crystal glass from Fortessa is a clear choice for martini lovers.

Photo by Coming Soon

5. Sophia Lou Jacobsen Piano Cocktail Set, $100

If you love a class martini-glass shape but want a pop of color, this cocktail set from Sophia Lou Jacobsen is right up your alley. They even come with small metal skewers for your olives, Luxardo cherries, or pearl cocktail onions.

Photo by Ty Mecham

6. Belo Cocktail Coupes, $43

As someone who talks with my hands, I love a shorter-stemmed coupe glass. This set is one I always reach for when making cocktails at home (they’re dishwasher safe, too).

If You Enjoy Your Sips Hot

Whether you prefer hot drinks year-round or only like to lean into winter cocktails from December until April, you’ll want glasses that can comfortably withstand the high heat of any hot toddy, mulled wine, or spiked cider. When looking for the perfect glass to hold the piping hot beverage, take its size, shape, and weight into account—you don’t want a mug that’s too big or small, a handle that won’t fit properly in your hand, or one that’ll weigh you down. Here are a couple of our top picks.

Specifics: All of these glasses are heatproof and made to comfortably hold a single serving of your drink of choice.

Photo by Ty Mecham

7. Kinto Sepia Amber Mug Pair, $42

No more burning your hand holding a glass that isn’t quite right for your hot drinks or resorting to the mug you typically use for your morning coffee. These sepia-colored tempered glasses are cute enough to display on any table, counter, or shelf while also being a sturdy and reliable container for the heated drink you’re sipping.

Photo by Duralex USA

8. Le Gigone® Mug, $30

You can’t really go wrong with Duralex glasses—they’re tempered, dishwasher-safe, and typically stackable—and this mug is no different.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

9. HMM W Recycled Glass Mug, $35

If you like to keep a warm-toned color palette in your home, these glasses (made from recycled glass and featuring a unique rippled texture) will surely add some character to your bar cabinet.

If You Need Some Height

If you love a whiskey highball or a cocktail with a tall, frothy top (think: a gin fizz or pisco sour), you’ll need a glass with height. A good highball glass or a Collins glass are two workhorses for all of your tall drinks, and having at least one of the pair is a necessity for any at-home bar. Here are a couple of versions we’d recommend.

Specifics: The two glasses might look similar, but they are different. While they both hold no less than 10 ounces and no more than 16 ounces (highball glasses specifically are almost always capped out at 14 ounces), highballs are skinnier and are the common choice for carbonated or frothy cocktails. Collins glasses are ideal for more standard over-ice cocktails, like a Tom Collins, mojito, or Long Island Iced Tea.

Photo by Ty Mecham

10. LSA Handblown Recycled Glass Set, Medium Narrow, $65

Keep things simple and streamlined with these handblown glasses made from recycled glass. Just be sure to choose the medium-narrow size to meet your highball or Collins-glass needs.

Photo by Bloomingdales

11. Nude Glass Big Top Highball Glass 4-Piece Set, $70

Do you love textured glasses? This 4-piece crystal highball glass set from Nude Glass is bound to catch your eye. Don’t worry about hand-washing these beauties either—they’re dishwasher safe.

Photo by Ty Mecham

12. Sobremesa Hand-Blown 16-Ounce Glass Set, $68

Growing up, there was a version of these blue-rimmed glasses in my childhood kitchen. At the time, it was my favorite for a tall pour of fruit punch or sweet tea. These hand-blown versions of my childhood staple are a stellar choice for anyone looking for a glass that’ll fit the foam from that aforementioned gin fizz (just be sure to get the 16-ounce version).

What are your favorite glasses to drink from? Let us know below!

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