11 Colorful New Arrivals Ideal For Your Dinner Table

11 Colorful New Arrivals Ideal For Your Dinner Table

Finding fresh, fun ways to incorporate color into the design of your dinner table can be an exciting challenge. If you’re someone who prefers a more subtle, minimalistic use of color, it all comes down to skillfully choosing the right hues and placement to keep things calm. If you’re a fan of more maximalist, bold colors, you’ll need to have the right eye for bringing multiple colors and patterns to the table (bad pun not intended) without creating chaos.

Lucky for you, we have an array of vibrant new arrivals perfect for adding pops of color—however big or small—to your table design. Whether it’s a turquoise salad bowl, yellow cloth napkins, or an ocean-blue carafe, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for 11 of our favorite new arrivals that’ll help bring some color to your table.

1. Celia Handblown Coupe Cocktail Glasses, Set of 2, $95

These handblown coupe glasses are a must for anyone who’s entertaining often (or enjoys sipping on a cocktail at the end of the day). There’s a lot to love with seek lines, a wide bowl, and stunning color combinations—Ocean and Citrine or Rose and Mocha. Inspired by New York nightclubs like Café Society and The Stork Club, they resemble a “1940s glamour” aesthetic, making them a perfect vessel for Champagne or a bubbly cocktail.

2. Hellerware Melamine Dinnerware, $60+

You’ve probably heard of Hellerware. The iconic collection was first dreamed up by Italian designers Lella and Massimo Vignelli back in the 1960s and has been catching eyes (and setting tables) since. This vibrant set is made of durable melamine, making it the perfect dinnerware collection for anyone who loves to eat outdoors, and seamlessly stacks for easy storage. The set can be purchased as a set of six salad plates, dinner plates, or soup bowls or as a full 18-piece.

3. Quinn Mouth-Blown Carafe, $110

Handblown by the same artisans as the Celia Coupes, this textured carafe comes in a variety of muted hues that are perfect for anyone looking for a subtle way to add color to their table. The carafe is available in Clear, Ocean, Rose, Mocha, Amber, and Smoke and the distinct texture reflects the light in a beautiful way.

4. Essential Striped Cotton Napkins, Set of 4, $38

One of the easiest ways to add color and texture to your table is via linens. These striped napkins from Hawkins New York are made of yarn-dyed cotton, come in six shades—White, Gray, Sky, Mustard, Blush, and Sage—, and can be mixed and matched with other pieces from the designer’s collections.

5. Jupiter Hobnail Everyday Tumblers, Set of 6, $48+

Inspired by Parisian flea market finds, these tumblers make even water feel fancy. They’re made of durable soda-lime glass, feature a delicate beaded detailing inspired by vintage hobnail glass, and come in six colorways—Clear, Cornflower, Pink, Sage, Amber, and Smoke.

6. Dolcevita Outdoor Bowls, $33+

Bring the Italian “sweet life” (dolce vita, of course) to your summer table with these bright bowls perfect for any salads, fruits, or pasta from Guzzini’s dolcevita collection. Made of bio-based plastic, a renewable material created from plant waste, they’re lightweight, durable, and outdoor-friendly (no broken glass to sweep up if one breaks). The bowls come in three sizes and five colors—Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Emerald, Amethyst, and Amber.

7. Dolcevita Outdoor Salad Servers, 2-Piece Set, $18

Serve up your salads in style with these colorful utensils from, yet again, Guzzini’s dolcevita collection. Each piece was designed by brothers Pio and Tito Toso with the Italian lifestyle in mind and will keep summer’s color palette alive year round.

8. Sabre Bistrot Shiny Finish Spreaders, Set of 2, $30+

Spread butter, jam, ricotta, or any other delicious topping with this Parisian-inspired utensil. Sabre’s Bistrot collection is inspired by the restaurants, terraces, and cafes all over Paris, and each piece displays simple styling, modern details, and visible rivets for a classic touch. Each spreader is made 18/10 stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and is available in fourteen color options.

9. Rhombe Color Porcelain Mini Bowl, $30+

Our talented copy team said it best: “Denmark-based Lyngby [Porcelain] is known for rediscovering heritage Scandinavian styles, and their Rhombe collection does exactly that.” The collection draws on designs from the archives and these mini bowls celebrate both clean lines and color. The four hues—Yellow, Rose, Green, and Turquoise—were developed in collaboration with design duo Stilleben. The bowls can be bought a la carte or as a set of four.

10. Herringbone Placemats, Set of 4, $36

Also from Lyngby are these herringbone-patterned placemats. They’re made of GRS-certified recycled cotton and polyester, pair beautifully with the brand’s dinnerware, and come in five colors: Brown, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

11. Hellerware Melamine Mugs, Set of 6, $60

Last, but certainly not least, are these resilient melamine mugs from the Hellerware collection. They are stackable for easy storing, were originally designed by Lella and Massimo Vignelliome in the 1960s, and come in five colors—Orange, White, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

How do you incorporate color into your dinner table design? Let us know below!

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